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  1. Africa and the Blues

    When this episode first aired, the recent death of Malian guitar legend Ali Farka TourĂ© inspired a new round of speculation about the roots of the blues in Africa. TourĂ© famously argued that the beloved American genre was “nothing but … Read more »

  2. Africa in East Asia: Shanghai Jazz to Tokyo Rastafari

    In the 20th century, music and culture from the African Diaspora traveled all over the world…. and East Asia is no exception. In this Hip Deep episode, Afropop explores the different ways that Black music has influenced culture and society … Read more »

  3. African Hip Hop: Senegal and Tanzania

    Hip hop has become language of youth worldwide. To understand what the younger generation is experiencing and talking about, you have to tune into the deeper meaning of hip hop. In Africa, hip hop is controversial. Some see it as … Read more »

  4. African Slaves in Islamic Lands

    Volumes have been written on the trans-Atlantic slave trade and its consequences, but there has been far less attention paid to the forced migration of black Africans into the Mediterranean world of Islam, and the Arab lands beyond. From the … Read more »

  5. African Sounds of the Indian Subcontinent

    In this Hip Deep program, Afropop explores musical connections between Africa and India. First up is the story of the Afro-Indian Sidi community. In the 13th century, Africans arrived in India as soldiers in the armies of Muslim conquerors. Some … Read more »

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