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  • hip-deep July 14, 2016

    Escaping the Delta

    “Escaping the Delta” is the title of a provocative book by award-winning author Elijah Wald that explores how a mythology of the blues grew around the figure of Robert Johnson. On this Hip Deep episode, Wald talks with producer Ned … Read more »

  • blog January 26, 2005

    Escaping the Delta: Discography

    Escaping the Delta Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide’s Escaping the Delta: Meade Lux Lewis “Hey! Piano Man: Selected Boogie Woogie Sides Remas” (JRGR Records) Robert Johnson “King Of The Delta Blues Singers” (INDEPENDENT RELEASE) E. T. Mensah, … Read more »

  • blog January 26, 2005

    Elijah Wald

    Wald was born in 1959 in Cambridge, Massachusetts. His parents were George Wald (co-recipient of the 1967 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine) and biologist Ruth Hubbard, with whom Elijah co-authored Exploding the Gene Myth. At age 18, Wald set … Read more »

  • interview January 26, 2005

    Elijah Wald on Escaping the Delta

    Ned Sublette is a longtime senior co-producer of Afropop Worldwide and author of “Cuba and Its Music: From the First Drums to the Mambo” (Chicago Review Press, 2004). Ned interviewed Elijah Wald, our guest for the Afropop Worldwide’s Hip Deep program called “Escaping the … Read more »

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