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  • hip-deep September 3, 2015

    Dread Inna Inglan: How the U.K. Took to Reggae

    Jamaican music journeyed to England in the ‘60s when immigrants from the island flocked to the U.K. in search of jobs and a better life. But as racism, unemployment and poor living conditions developed in the ’70s, a new generation … Read more »

  • blog December 16, 2014

    Steel Pulse Releases Eric Garner/Michael Brown Protest Track

    From the first, the music of U.K. reggae legend Steel Pulse has included a righteous political message. So while it may not come as a surprise that the band has a released a track in response to the racial protest … Read more »

  • interview January 22, 2014

    Babylon Is Falling: David Hinds on the Early Years of Steel Pulse and His Youth in England

    Steel Pulse is one of the most successful reggae bands–not just in the U.K. but in the world. Yet it wasn’t always easy for this group. Lead singer and founder David Hinds, the son of Jamaican immigrants, grew up in … Read more »

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