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  • blog April 24, 2015

    Ex-Members of Staff Benda Bilili Team Up With Konono No. 1

    Staff Benda Bilili was a globe-spanning success story–a collection of inventive youths and polio-stricken veterans, homeless musicians from the biggest city in the Democratic Republic of Congo, who channeled the classic Congolese rumba into two incredible albums, before disappearing all … Read more »

  • blog February 17, 2013

    Staff Benda Bilili breaks up

    Sad news this week on the Congolese music front. A band Afropop has championed as leading the creative cutting edge in Africa’s greatest dance music tradition has succumbed to internal strife, and the twisted pressures and intrigues of the international … Read more »

  • blog October 19, 2012


    Last night, Afropop- and an intensely appreciative New York audience- was lucky enough to watch Staff Benda Bilili play a truly phenomenal show, decisively proving that they have richly deserved every ounce of the plaudits that they’ve received over the last several years. The … Read more »

  • review September 11, 2012

    Staff Benda Bilili, Bouger le Monde!

    A band of handicapped musicians from a poor, overcrowded city succeeds despite disadvantage, discouragement and a crushing lack of means. It’s a story with universal appeal—one reason that a film telling this band’s story, Benda Bilili, created a stir at … Read more »

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