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  • hip-deep December 1, 2016

    The Money Show

    Every day, money changes hands in Ghanaian cedi, South African rand, and Brazilian real as music is created, traded, performed, purchased and pirated. In this episode we look at the business side of African music, through a series of vignettes … Read more »

  • botb June 8, 2016

    Best of The Beat on Afropop: Southern Exposure–A Journey in Southern Africa

    In this installment of “Best of The Beat,” we offer a fascinating narrative by our itinerant writer/scholar, Ron Sakolsky, who spent six months in 1998 post-apartheid South Africa as a resident professor at the University of Natal in Durban, and … Read more »

  • feature April 24, 2014

    African Music That Made Money (For U.S. Record Companies)

    On our special Hip Deep episode “The Money Show,” we explore the economics behind music in the African diaspora. In Chapter Three, we look at what has happened when foreign artists and music labels profit from African music… often without … Read more »

  • video April 23, 2014

    The Lion(s) Sleep Tonight

    As we explore in our special Hip Deep episode, “The Money Show,” “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” is one of the most infamous cases of an African song being used for massive financial gain by the West. In 1939, Solomon Linda … Read more »

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