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  • blog July 2, 2015

    Afropop Exclusive Mix: DJ Mundi’s Champeta Mix

    Oakland, CA-based DJ Mundi has a deep knowledge and appreciation for everything from electro-chaabi to bhangra and ragga-cumbia. For our exclusive mix series, he has put together a mix that delves into the fascinating history of champeta, the Afro-Colombian genre that blasts from colorful … Read more »

  • blog November 28, 2012

    Contemporary Colombian Treasure Chest!

    In late September of this year, Sound and Colours (a consistently excellent web-magazine based in the UK) released Colombia, a book that compiles a wealth of writing (much of which first appeared in the web-magazine’s digital pages) that covers Colombia in all … Read more »

  • program November 1, 2012

    Crate-Diggers & Remixers

    A vast, new world of DJs, record collectors and producers are going to far reaches of the Earth to find forgotten records and new styles of music. Their discoveries are then brought back home, remixed, repackaged and re-released to be … Read more »

  • blog October 22, 2012

    Spotlight! Pernett- “Caribbean Computer”

    We admit that we’re a little bit late on this one, but we just couldn’t stop ourselves from talking up an album this good. Pernett has long been one of the most innovative musicians in Colombia, a country that hasn’t … Read more »

  • blog August 14, 2012

    Epic Champeta! Pernett Drops New Single from Forthcoming Album

    It’s no secret that we are big fans of Pernett, the craftsman DJ and producer with a keen ability to re-work traditional styles of Colombian music for a new generation. Which is why we are excited (and you should be … Read more »

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