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  • program June 26, 2014

    Party and Dissent: World Cup Brazil 2014

    World Cup soccer mania continues in Brazil. The games are a source of great national pride, as well as bitter dissent due to the fact that billions were spent on stadiums, rather than schools, hospitals and public transport. What does … Read more »

  • blog June 25, 2014

    Featured Artists: Party and Dissent–World Cup Brazil 2014

    In Party and Dissent: World Cup Brazil 2014, we take you on a tour through Brazil’s many fantastic regional scenes–checking out new baile funk styles, and looking at some of the country’s top female MCs and experimental artists. Since there … Read more »

  • blog October 18, 2013

    Stream Brazilian Beat 7 Now

    Brazilian Beats 7 from the UK’s Mr. Bongo Records is out in another week or so, but is available for streaming on the Mr. Bongo website and Soundcloud page right now. Lots of bangers on this one, so catch the … Read more »

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