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  • blog November 12, 2016

    Voices in Vinyl: Joy in Jozi

    Within 24 hours of landing in Johannesburg, South Africa, I was deep into the largest record collection I have ever witnessed. Collectors Treasury is an eight-story warehouse located on the fringe of the overpass that marks the gates to the … Read more »

  • blog June 6, 2007

    Discography: The Zulu Factor

    The Zulu Factor Here are a list of albums heard on Afropop Worldwide’s The Zulu Factor: Various artists “The Kings And Queens Of Township Jive” (Earthworks 1990) Isigqi Sesimanje “Lomculo Unzima” (RPM Records 1992) Shwi no Mthekala “Wangisiza Baba” (Bula … Read more »

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