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artist: Artists Derek Gripper

  • program May 26, 2016

    Born-Free South Africa: A Kaleidoscope of Colors

    Join us on a modern-day musical adventure into Africa’s Rainbow Nation. Now, 20-plus years removed from apartheid, South Africa is a nation deep in transition. And, it’s reflected in its music—brimming with enthusiasm and creativity, yet also suffering from the … Read more »

  • blog April 14, 2016

    Cape Town International Jazz Fest: A Spotlight on Local Talent

    It’s called “Africa’s Grandest Gathering,” and I suppose the Cape Town International Jazz Festival can make something of a case. For many of its 37,000 in attendance—many of whom travel from all over the continent—this two-day event is kind of … Read more »

  • program December 31, 2015

    An Atlantic Journey: From Cape Town to Cape Verde

    Join us on a freewheeling musical excursion. We start in Cape Town, South Africa listening to jazz, rock, and even classical music inspired by the city’s signature sound: goema. Veteran rocker and now-composer Mac McKenzie is our charismatic guide. Then … Read more »

  • blog September 12, 2013

    Derek Gripper Turns Classical Guitar into a Kora: Live Review

    Derek Gripper is a classical guitarist from Cape Town, South Africa, who has developed an uncanny and unique approach to playing African music, in particular, Mande kora music from Mali and Gambia. He became entranced by this music at a … Read more »

  • review December 27, 2012

    One Night on Earth, Music From the Strings of Mali

    The result is astounding, not just for its technical brilliance, but its musicality. Gripper executes these pieces with the precision and attention to detail one might expect from a great classical musician, but there is nothing stiff about these performances. Read more »

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