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  • blog July 30, 2014

    Tecno Brega: A Video Primer

    Tecno brega is one of the liveliest music scenes covered in our recent program “The Mighty Amazon” and it’s not just because of the music. Drop by some of the biggest aparalhagens (sound systems) that play weekly throughout the state … Read more »

  • review March 19, 2013

    Daniel Haaksman Presents: Tecno Brega

    We are unquestionably late on this one (it was released in late 2012 after all, around the time when we interviewed label owner Daniel Haaksman), but it’s an album that fully deserves to get reviewed, if only because little that … Read more »

  • interview February 11, 2013

    Interview- Man Recording’s Daniel Haaksman

    Sam Backer: Thank you so much for taking the time to talk to us! So- the new compilation is really fantastic.  Daniel Haaksman: Thank you. It’s like the 5th genre specific compilation I did. I did a couple of others … Read more »

  • program April 19, 2012

    Spring Dance Party 2012

    Time to shake it up to kuduro from Angola, soukous from Congo, Retro- chicha from Peru, techno brega from Brazil, retro-funk from Nigeria, and lots of genre bending sounds. Featured artist include Titica, Black Bazar, Bonga, Chicha Libre, José Conde, … Read more »

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