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  • hip-deep January 5, 2017

    Hip Deep in Mali: The Tuareg Predicament

    The confederations and clans collectively known as the Tuareg descend from the oldest inhabitants of North Africa. They lead a mostly nomadic existence across the Sahara Desert, in the lands we now know as Algeria, Libya, Niger and Mali. Tuareg … Read more »

  • blog March 7, 2016

    Photo Essay: MASA Festival in Abidjan, Part One

    Sean and Georges are currently in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire, covering the biannual MASA arts festival. Photographer William Farrington will be documenting the entire festival. This report portrays the Wisemen, a reggae group; Tuareg band Amanar, and Saulo Fernandes from Brazil. Check out … Read more »

  • interview April 10, 2014

    Return to Timbuktu: Documentary Film in Progress with Michael Meredith

    Michael Meredith is an independent filmmaker, screenwriter and director, well known for his collaborations with Wim Wenders. Through Wenders, Michael has become a huge fan of Malian music, and over the past two years he has been working on his … Read more »

  • blog July 26, 2013

    Film Alert: Woodstock in Timbuktu

    As longtime aficionados of the joys of Malian music (not to mention the maker’s of our own film on the subject), we have a lot of love for the Festival au Desert, a yearly gathering in the nation’s north that … Read more »

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