Samba, Forro, Candomble, Tropicalia: The Sounds of Brazilian Artists in the U.S.

There’s a lot of fantastic music being made by Brazilian artists living in the U.S. They entertain an estimated 1.5 million Brazilian immigrants here as well as a growing number of other fans. And Brazilian music is enjoying a resurgence here–on Mazda commercials, endless bossa nova soundtracks played in upscale restaurants; intercultural collaborations and so on. We’ll hear many of the best: Jorge Alabe, the godfather of many samba schools; Bebel Gilberto, daughter of bossa pioneer João Gilberto; singer Luciana Souza; the quirky percussionist Cyro Baptista; the funky, unorthodox Forro in the Dark and others. They all have fascinating stories to tell. We’ll hear them in concert, visit with them in their homes, and hear songs from records produced in the U.S. New York University’s widely published professor of music Jason Stanyek will be our co-host.