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AFROPOP EXCLUSIVE DEBUT Osekre and The Lucky Bastards- ‘Why Are You Here?’

Osekre Joe's Pub Flier

We are thrilled to debut Why Are You Here?, the brand new single by Osekre and The Lucky Bastards. Over its four minutes, the band alternates between a loose-limbed swing through the verse and full-bodied explosion on the chorus, buoyed by an excellent horn-section and lead by Osekre’s warm vocals. The result is cohesive hybrid; one part punk, one part high-life, and one part ska. That sound like your idea of a good time? Let’s be real- how could it not?

Check it out!


Osekre and the rest of the band are playing a release show for the single this saturday at Joe’s Pub. See HERE for more details.

And if you liked what you heard, you should definitely check HERE for more tunage.

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