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Friday Faves: Six-Twenty-Nine-Oh-Twelve Edition

Each Friday we present the songs we’ve been grooving to this week. If you like our favorites, be sure to tell us. Or even better, post links to your own weekly favorites!

Danielle O’Neill, Intern

Artist: Abbas & Chinwawa
Song:”Abbachiwa Show” F. MC Sharon

Sam Backer, Production Assistant

Artist: Pazy & the Black Hippies
Song: “Papa’s Black Dog” (forthcoming reissue coming out via Secret Stash)

Download: Black-Dog.mp3

Julia Chanin, Intern

Artist: La Gallera Social Club
Song: “Chimban-Guele”

Saxon Baird, Producer of New Media

Artist: Diplo
Song: “Move Around” F. Elephant Man & GTA (Out now!)

Move Around feat Elephant Man & GTA by diplo

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