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Afropop Premiere: Samba Mapangala, “Eshimu Mkewe”

Samba Mapangala, East Africa’s most beloved singer, is well known and appreciated as a songwriter for his messages of social commentary and advice. The new single, “Eshimu Mkewe,” is the first release from a forthcoming project called Virunga Unplugged, where he incorporates acoustic instruments to accompany his renowned mellifluous voice. The sweet, poignant rumba praises women for all the daily work they do to keep the family household together, and cautions men to appreciate and respect their women for their contributions or risk losing them. The chorus “Ata yenda” warns “she will go” if she is not treated with respect. Guitarist John Bashengezi provides acoustic guitar and harmony vocal.

Released by: Virunga Records

Release date: 16 October 2016

  • Robert Matalanga

    Kindly correct the title to “Heshimu Mkeo” and not “Eshimu Mkewe”. That’s the correct word from the noun “Heshima”

  • Charlie Hart

    Great to hear you back in action, Samba, and sounding great. Best of luck with the whole Virunga Unplugged format, great to hear the sax entry on top of great acoustic guitar, percussion and not least your trademark honey vocals, very best wishes from Charlie and all your friends in London.