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Two Lions: Bunny Wailer and Hakim


On this program we survey the careers of two legends and giants within their genres. Bunny Wailer is the last surviving member of the original Wailers. Right up to his 2016 tour, when we met him, this architect of reggae music has continued to carry the roots banner with new concerts and recordings. And he tells his story with bracing poetic candor. Meanwhile in Egypt, the lion of sha’abi music, Hakim, remains a superstar and a player in that country’s turbulent pop scene. On a rare visit to New York, Hakim gives us a tour through his post-revolution songs, and offers personal insights into Egypt’s equally turbulent politics. The program ends with a surprise from another lion of African music….

Hakim Talks Post-Revolution Egypt


Bunny Wailer Reflects on His Legacy


To learn more about Bunny Wailer’s place in reggae history, read the “Best of The Beat on Afropop” interview by Roger Steffens from 1984.

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  • gnosis

    Fantastic episode!