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Welcome to our New Website! Thoughts?

Hello Fans of Afropop Worldwide!

Welcome to our new website! The new site we hope you find more engaging, user-friendly, and easier to read. In addition, this new website will allow you greater flexibility linking to various programs and pages via your social network accounts. You can also now subscribe to us through any web syndication format and comment on anything we post!

It should be of note that we are still beta-testing the new site. So there might be some kinks along the way. Furthermore, we are still in the process of transferring over our vast archive from the last 24 years, so please bear with us!

Finally and most importantly, we want to know what YOU think. Send us your thoughts and all issues regarding the new site to and we will duly take note as we move forward. Everyone who sends us a comment will automatically be entered to win one of several copies of “Radio Salone,” the brilliant new album by Sierra Leone’s Refugee All Stars. Good luck and…


  • Warble


  • Anonymous

    Will you be making the entire 24 years available eventually?  That would be so awesome!  On the old site, the links to the older programs were dead.  Also, will there be no more Real downloads?

    • Anonymous

      Yeah, we’re trying to make it all available! It’s a long process though. Sometimes we will post downloads.


  • Cha Smith

    Hip deep is flash dependent?. Is there any way around that? I hope so.
    Otherwise, new site seems great.
    Cha Smith

    • Anonymous

      Unfortunately it is flash dependent currently… but we are in the process of changing that! Thanks

  • Guest

    Purple?  Please reconsider…

  • Ginasweek

    How do I contact you by phone or email?

  • saschamaj

    I also don’t dig the purple. The color palette of the last website was better. Overall it looks much cleaner and simpler to navigate though, which is a big plus since you have so much content to offer.
    Events: what happened to the iCal links? It would be great to add the whole events calendar to my calendar via an iCal link (you had this feature before and it still shows up in my Google calendar), and additionally add individual events to an iCal calendar, in case a user hasn’t subscribed to the entire events calendar. There are plugins for that so it should be rather easy to implement. As an example see the box in the left column on

  • Steven

    It looks like the new site might not be fully compliant with the latest standards. For example, when I loaded, there was nothing in the area for the music streaming so I was unable to stream the song.

    • saschamaj

       It works fine for me. If you can’t see the boxes with the Soundcloud player you should check your own browser settings and Flash player…

  • andy hanson

    This weeks show on Bassekou Kouyate featured a version of Ngoni Fola which is long and very live from NYC.  It is a very great version.  Afropop and Bassekou should produce this because it really shows off the Ngoni and Ngoni Ba.  Just love it.

  • andy hanson

    This weeks show on Bassekou Kouyate featured a version of Ngoni Fola which is long and very live from NYC.  It is a very great version.  Afropop and Bassekou should produce this because it really shows off the Ngoni and Ngoni Ba.  Just love it.

  • Karina Kamalii Bingham

    With so many people objecting to purple, you may be a good candidate for a site that you can select your own skin 🙂 Never thought I’d ever say that… in any case, the feature where you click to add Stars to a post seems to be incrementing negative. I clicked a few times and it went to -6 (on recent Bembeya Jazz post), so you may want to look into that. I would also recommend using san serif fonts across the site like you do in the right sidebar. It would add to the already clean look. Great job!

  • Bill Robinson

    I can’t playback any of your audio recordings/archives. Either in Safari or Firefox. SoundCloud?? This has been true for many months. Please include a troubleshooting link on your site. My Adobe Flash is up to date. I went to SoundCloud looking for solutions but found none. Please help.

  • Steven Katz

    I wish you would let us download shows, to listen later on iPods, instead of just streaming. Sometimes we can, and sometimes we can’t. Why is that?

  • Alex

    i don’t mind the purple color, though I wouldn’t mind if it had more of a blueish hue. I think a bigger issue is that there is key information on the footer menues that is too easily overlooked. The “Sections” menu list seems like it would promote a better user experience on this site, and provide a good alternative method of navigating the site. Could this menu be placed on the right sidebar?

  • Sharon Katz

    Cool story on Panama. Thank you. On my way to Panama JAZZ Festival. Thanks for info. Am keynote ay First Latin American Music Therapy Symposium. Hosted by Danilo Perez

  • Azzam

    Great new website, better and more polished content. However, a lot of information and old articles have disappeared, namely, Libyan content. Regards.