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Best of The Beat on Afropop: Youssou N’Dour


Our first Beat reprint is from volume 6, 1987. The young Youssou N’Dour was in the U.S. for the first time, when Peter Gabriel brought him on board to open his So tour and to introduce the Super Etoile band to the world. Youssou had just arrived in Los Angeles from Tucson, Arizona, where he was enthralled to encounter America’s West, and the cowboys he knew only from movies. He’d managed to acquire a Stetson hat, as you can see from the cover image, and cowboy boots, pronouncing himself “the cowboy from Dakar.” A live recording, in the same year and tour, entitled Fatteliku: Live in Athens 1987, has just been released by RealWorld Records and is reviewed here by Banning Eyre for

Here’s the video from that concert, “Immigres” Live in Athens 1987:

And Youssou has returned to North America for another international tour in 2015, appearing in Mesa, AZ Nov. 5, Los Angeles, Nov. 6, Berkeley, CA Nov. 7,  Seattle, Nov. 8, Vancouver, Canada Nov. 10, Montreal, Nov 12, Toronto Nov. 13, Ann Arbor, MI Nov. 14, Columbus, OH Nov. 15, and Washington DC Nov. 17. Rosemary Pritzker’s report on  his Nov. 1 New York performance can be seen here.






More from The Beat on Youssou N’Dour in volume 13, 1994. CLICK HERE TO READ OR DOWNLOAD PDF: Beat13#5Youssou94

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  • Larry S.

    The BEAT!! My favorite music mag, bar none! Six years later, and I still miss opening my mailbox in great anticipation of reading about all those amazing artists I knew little or nothing about; not to mention Ras Rojah’s Ramblings, I was a wee jeaulous of Mr. Steffen’s adventures in music. So cool to have CC Smith at Afropop, please write some articles on the website soon, always enjoy your take on things musical and otherwise…

  • VirungaManagement

    Thank you, Larry! So good to have this feedback from you, and to have this opportunity to revive The Beat’s great stories for a new audience. Contact me at, and stay tuned!