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Petite Noir’s New Video: A Virtual Reality Trip

Cape Town-based Congolese-Angolan musician and producer Yannick Ilunga, a.k.a. Petite Noir, released the futuristic visuals of “La Vie Est Belle/Life Is Beautiful” featuring Congolese-Belgian rapper Baloji.

Petite Noir describes his sound and style of music as “Noirwave,” or African new wave.

The visuals for “La Vie Est Belle/Life Is Beautiful” are a collaboration with clothing company Urban Outfitters as part of their music video series. The video depicts Petite Noir traversing a virtual reality world and multiple brightly hued digital landscapes.

According to Alan Del Rio Ortiz, the director of the video, “The overall concept is of him [Petite Noir] falling into a virtual reality world where he meets his virtual self. It has to do with thoughts on reality and what we perceive versus what actually exists.”

“La Vie Est Belle/Life Is Beautiful” is a single from Petite Noir’s debut album, also titled La Vie Est Belle/Life Is Beautiful which was released in September.

Photo by Jono Bernstein.

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