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Voodoo To Go Festival in Photos

The Voodoo To Go Festival was a colorful and joyful three-day journey from Togo to Haiti to Suriname, without ever leaving one small concert hall in Utrecht, Netherlands. As you’re listening to Afropop’s Voodoo To Go Festival show, check out photographs from the festival.

All photographs by Lollise Mbi.

Peter Solo of Vaudou Game and members of Djogbé invoke the ancestral and elemental spirits, the Vaudou, to be present at the opening ceremony of the festival.



Peter Solo talks on stage with music journalist Leendert Van Der Valk about Vaudou and music.

Djogbé, a group with members from Benin and Togo, performs traditional Vaudou drumming and dances.



IMG_8205 IMG_8221 IMG_8243 IMG_8248 IMG_8271 IMG_8284

Vaudou Game, from Lyon, France, led by Togolese singer/guitarist Peter Solo.

IMG_8303 IMG_8302

IMG_8339 IMG_8491 IMG_8472 IMG_8390 IMG_8359


The former Dutch colony of Suriname was well represented by Dray-ston, an awesome Kawina band from Rotterdam/Amsterdam. Four singers, eight drummers, some of the hottest dance music on earth.

IMG_8560 IMG_8531


This man plays an instrument that is a plank of hardwood, called kwa-kwa bangi, struck with two metal rods.

Surinamese Winti drummer André Mosis, with accompanist.


Fra-Fra Sound, also representing Suriname and the Antilles, plays  jazz-fusion.

IMG_8624 IMG_8613 IMG_8609 IMG_8641Erol Josué, Haitian Voudou jazz via New York City, with experimental cabaret flair. “I carry the cane of Papa Guédé,” he announced.
IMG_8564 IMG_8584 IMG_8570

Cuban jazz maestro Omar Sosa and his power trio members Ernesto Simpson and Childo Tomas, were joined by Ayaovi Kokoussé from Togo, and a dancer from his group, Foret Sacré.

IMG_8674 IMG_8696 IMG_8711

Director Leopold Ekue Messan talks on stage; and below, with Afropop producer Morgan Greenstreet.

IMG_8738 IMG_8758 IMG_8759

Members of the Voodoo To Go Festival team celebrate after the final concert.



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