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Afropop Premiere! Benyoro: “An Sera” Video

Benyoro has been part of the extended Afropop family for a little while now. Afropop Senior Editor Banning Eyre wrote that their debut, released last year, “sets the new bar for Mande music played in America.” Led by California-born guitarist and ngoni player Sam Dickey, Benyoro features an all-star lineup that includes features  Yacouba Sissoko on kora and Idrissa Koné on talking drum.

Their new video features the band suited up and playing their updated take on Mande tradition, accompanied by dancers in gold sequin outfits. Sam proves to be not only an excellent guitar player, but also a pretty good break dancer. The highlight, though, might be Yacouba in sunglasses, backed by graffiti, wagging his finger at all the kora competition. Check it out below:

“An Sera” Official Music Video from Benyoro on Vimeo.

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  • Toby Tobias

    This is really beautiful music. Perhaps they would enjoy performing at the newest World Music Venue with Inspired Culinary Menus on Long Island. We would love to bring their music to the ears of the Long Island community

  • Miriam

    Great dancing and choreography


    Beauty arises when;

    a Soul is satisfied:

  • Trần Thủy Tiên Tiên

    Great dancing bao cao su ok