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If Nicki Minaj Spoke Spanish….

This is potentially a great way to test the durability of a beat: take a Nicki Minaj/Lil Wayne/Drake single, and replace all the rappers. Bonus points if you can replace them with someone rapping in a different language from the original.

Of course, if that’s all you’re using this version of “Truffle Butter” for, you’re missing the fine work all over the beat in this remix. While we aren’t particularly familiar with the rappers  featured, all three deliver solid verses. In particular, Chavito—the replacement for Drake—slips between Spanish and English and back again in that indelible New York way. With Nicki from Queens, Chavito from Brooklyn and Zaweko and Nikolodian from the Bronx (by way of the Dominican Republic), it’s only natural for a little five-borough feeling to surface. It’s very smooth; it’s very good. But then, it’s “Truffle Butter,” so you already knew that.

Check it out!

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