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Chico Sonido’s Nalga Bass on Burger Records

The future is now. Mexican DJ/producer and “tropical gangster” Chico Sonido releases Nalga Bass on tape via Burger Records. I’ll repeat that: So Cal garage rock and cassette tape stalwarts Burger Records is releasing “Nalga Bass” (which translates as “Booty Bass”), the latest from nu-cumbia mastermind Chico Sonido. We’re all excited about the collab. And the album artwork.

Check out the track “Meuve El Booty.” We are presented with classic elements of cumbia mixed with 80’s era beat culture. The track features sampled horns and percussion, pitch bent vocals and plenty of futuristic electronic sounds all over heavy, driving bass lines. Be sure to dust off your Walkman and cop this.

Get up and dance!


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