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Delicious Peace- Web Exclusive Podcast

One of the best parts about revisiting past Hip Deep work is the opportunity to watch the individuals, scenes, and communities chronicled grow over time. So, when we heard that there had been some exciting new developments among the Ugandan Jews profiled in “Jewish Communities of Sub-Saharan Africa,” we jumped at the chance to re-explore the territory. Since we last heard from Uganda, a number of the Jewish farmers have joined Delicious Peace, a fair-trade coffee cooperative that brings together Christians, Muslims, and Jews in pursuit of local empowerment and community. And the results have been a wild success- not only is the cooperative doing well economically (it’s a pretty good selling point after all), but it has created a real movement towards increased communication, understanding, and tolerance among the farmers involved. After all, they’re partners now. And perhaps most exciting for Afropop has been the development of some exciting new music along the way.

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And if you want to hear more, you can buy the group’s music from Smithsonian Folkways.

Or, you can buy their coffee!