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Animal Chuki’s Dubbed-Out Cumbia

16 volumes into their mixtape series, the Argentine dance label ZZK has (once again) dipped its trippy toes into Peru’s electro-cumbia scene. To celebrate the release of Capicuathe debut EP from Animal Chuki, a duo of 22 year old Lima-based producers Andrea Campos and Daniel Valle-Riestra, they’ve given the edition over to the young producers. The mix contains most of the EP– one track, “Amarilla Maracuyá,” is absent– along with two additional songs. The word Chuki is a Peruvian slang term for “something out of the ordinary or playfully offensive.” True to that name, the EP has the youthful energy of kids messing around. The sound is one-part chicha– the Peruvian cumbia style that became nationally popular in the 60’s– and one part dubby electronica. Without sounding sleepy, the mix is decidedly slowed-down and spaced out- less music for a raucous party than for the late night haziness that might follow it.

One of the highlights of the tape is a remix Animal Chuki made of La Yegros’ “Viene de Mi.” The song hits with a kick after the slow building opening tracks of the mix. The Argentine singer’s voice makes for a nice complement to the swirling cumbia-dub of Animal Chuki’s production. Later on, on “Cholito Jr.,” thundering bass mixes with sounds of chirping birds for an ominous effect. It also makes us want to hop on a plane and see what else is going on in the streets of Lima. Give the mix a listen below!

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