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APWW presents the wonderful world of plucked, strummed and finger picked string instruments; ngoni from Mali and its cousin the banjo in the U.S.; oud from the Arabic world to Spanish flamenco guitar to the tres in Cuba; kraar from Ethiopia to the nyatiti in East Africa; and more. Plus a visit with Malian kora virtuoso Toumani Diabate and a coverage of his brilliant recording with Ballake Sissoko. 


Since we recorded this program, the situation in Mali has gone through some significant changes. Read an interview with both Toumani and Ballake conducted soon after the coup that overthrough Mali’s democratically elected government.

Toumani Diabate, Bassekou Kouyate, Djelmidy Tounkara on the crisis in Mali. 

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  • george

    where on earth is keverb? and who is Bao? and how can i find his album which you played. Name of solo album Ensperasao and the name of the song was fruto prohibito.

  • Daryl Shawn

    Fantastic program. What is the instrument used in the last song (and the artist)? thanks!